Letter From The
Veterans Memorial Coalition

Permit me to introduce the Veterans Memorial Coalition (VMC).

It is quite clear that there is a “cultural war” being waged against traditional America today. As part of that war we have seen the American veterans of all periods assailed. Demands are made that statutes, monuments, memorials and plaques be destroyed, removed or revised. Vandals have attacked both in the dark of night and even in broad daylight capering in front of approving television cameras.

In Georgia monuments to colonial period solders, Revolutionary War soldiers, Civil War veterans, Spanish American war veterans, World War 1 veterans and Vietnam War veterans have been vandalized. The Vietnam Veterans’ memorial in Conyers, for example, was chopped into pieces.

Our website has photographic documentation of some of the disgraceful attacks here in Georgia.

Astonishingly enough, these assaults are sometimes defended by political figures. These politicians are apparently content to pander to the ignorant and violent because people with respect for American traditions and history are silent.

Most of these monuments represent men and women who can no longer speak for themselves. For example, with the death of Fred Buckles in 2011 the last of the American World War I veterans answered the final call. American veterans of the “Greatest Generation” are now advanced in years and Korean and Vietnam veterans are graying.

The Veterans Memorial Coalition was formed to give voice to the voiceless and provide a forum for respect for the monuments to the valor and sacrifice of past American servicemen and women. We seek to raise money to make donations to the politicians who will respect our history. If a politician is a friend to American history, that person should be supported. If a politician is eager to censor our history to pander to political correctness, that person should pay a price.

Our goal is to raise money to aid the defense of our defenders; the American veterans monuments need to be protected and preserved.

The Veterans Memorial Coalition is staffed entirely by volunteers, No one is paid a salary. All donations will be translated to non-partisan contributions to political candidates who stand for the principals of the VMC.

Please enjoy our website and give generously to provide protection to the Heroes who have made America the envy of the World.