The Veterans Memorial Association has already distributed $20,250
in campaign contributions to conservative & pro-Veteran Georgia House and Senate candidates for the November 3 elections.
We are on the eve of the most important election in our lives. On Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020 voters will decide if we maintain a legislative majority dedicated to traditional values in the Georgia General Assembly. If not, State of Georgia will be heading down the same path as Virginia. When the liberal element took over that government, they immediately showed their contempt for traditional America and changed Virginia’s Monument protection laws. Once that was done, the “cancel culture” thugs started the wholesale destruction of Virginia’s monuments. (They have also started to place restrictions on Virginians Second Amendment rights.)
This will be the future of Georgia if we do not take a stand now. The Veterans Memorial Coalition is a Political Action Committee that has been created and incorporated to give Patriots like you a Pro-Veterans outlet that you can contribute to and make donations to the politicians who will respect our Veterans’ history.
The Veterans Memorial Coalition was formed to give voice to the voiceless and provide a forum for respect for the monuments to the valor and sacrifice of past American servicemen and women. Most of these monuments represent men and women who can no longer speak for themselves
If a politician is a friend to American history, that person should be supported. If a politician is eager to censor our history to pander to political correctness, that person should pay a price. Our goal is to raise money to aid the defense of the name of our defenders; Veterans monuments need to be protected and preserved.
Make your voice be heard. Give to protect the honor of those Heroes who can no longer speak for themselves.


The Veterans Memorial Coalition, Inc. helps elect State and Federal candidates who support our American Veterans from past and present. We also contribute to elected officials that supports legislation that protects monuments, memorials, and banners sacred to those Veterans.

Make Your Voice Heard